Collin's Cactus Collection

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    My name is Collin Butler and I am currently living in sunny San Diego, California. I've been collecting cacti and succulents for about 4 years now and have about 100 different species.   I also have many seedlings which are over 1 year old. I aspire some day to have a large nursery where I will grow thousands of Cactus, Succulents, Euphorbias, Palm trees and more.

My Cactus Pictures

A couple pictures of my collection below arranged by genus.

  Astrophytum          Haworthia            Pachypodium            Others

Pumice Planters

I recently started carving pieces of pumice into interesting shapes to put my seedlings and cactus into. The link below will show some of my favorites.

     Pumice Planters

My Cactus Seedlings

This was my first attempt at growing any cactus from seed.  I have planted 20 different genera and have had varied results.  I have taken pictures of all the seeds progress. They were all planted on different days of April 2002.  I have had success with the following genera; Ariocarpus, Astrophytum, Escobaria, Echinocereus, Espostoa, Gymnocalycium, Haworthia, Pachypodium, Mammillaria, Opuntias, Oreocereus, Trichocereus, Turbancarpus, and Wilcoxia. 

   Seed Pictures

Potting Arrangements

 I have been collecting different types of ceramic and clay pots to make all my plants more aesthetic.  This link will show you a little of my work.

    Potting Projects

  Brandon's Cactus Collection 

My younger brother Brandon Butler of Berkeley, California has a collection of his own.  His collection gave me my initial interest in cactus.  He is also the author of the "Pharmacological Significance of the Cactus Family" in the education section below. His collection consists of many Ariocarpus, Astrophytum, and Echinopsis.

     Brandons Livermore Collection

Balboa Park Tribute 

San Diego, California has a park I like to compare to Golden Gate Park in San Fransico.  Although much smaller the San Diego park has many museums, gardens, and beautiful architecture everywhere you look.  This page will only cover the Cactus gardens in Balboa park.  

    Click here to see pictures of the cactus garden.


The Education section below has some common and not so common knowledge about the cactus and succulents we love to grow.  Remember this information is in no way complete and research and reading should be done to determine the best individual conditions for all your plants.

 The topics include:

1) The difference between Cactus, Succulents, and Euphorbias.

2)  The history of Cactus taxonomy. 

3)  Root systems for Cactus 

4)  Fertilizers for Cactus and Succulents. 

5)  Pharmacology significance of the Cactus family. 

6) Cactus genera characteristics.  

7) How and Why Cactus can store so much water. CAM plants. 

8) Interesting Facts about Cactus

If you are interested in Botany and in need of an online tutoring service, there are online websites that offers primary tutors and secondary school tutors. You can hire a professional and licensed tutor and all work is done via the internet.

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To end beautiful surfing pictures all taken in Ocean Beach, San Diego.

 I discovered surfing at the same time I started collecting cacti.  So, I am going to include a page of large surf pictures to download.  So if you need a beautiful background for your computer or like the ocean click on the blue letters below.  

Large Surf Pictures

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